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twinkstarchild's Journal

Twinkle Starchild
30 June
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Traversing conceptual boundaries gets me hot. Other fetishes include revolution of sensual perception, evolution of interpersonal communication, rubber, paradigm shifts, paradoxes, enigmas, and pretty faerie girls. I work in leather and bone, love to play the didjeridoo, have a beautiful partner named Tyger, and am currently looking forward to a bizarre trip into fatherhood.
..., andrew byrd's, astrix, baron munchausen, be here now, bone carving..., brazil, candle making, cookies, cyberpunk, dmt: the spirit molecule, edit this later, ender's game series, etc..., extra dimensional perception, gibson's stuff, golden compass books, juno reactor, keller williams, kevin smith flix, leather working, matrix flix, my dog, pendulum, pihkal and tihkal, schismatrix plus, seeking absolute truth, sex drugs and cocoapuffs, southland tales, squirell nut zippers, steampunk, strange vs. noreau, synners, the divine comedy, the fall, the hacker crackdown, the usual suspects, time bandits